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E. Urner Goodman 
Owasippe Museum

9900 Russell Road

Twin Lake, MI 49457



Bob Kurth is a fifty year Scouting veteran. He has camped at Owasippe for fifty-four summers and counting. As a scoutmaster, he introduced many scouts to Owasippe over the years. Bob is also a beloved Owasippe staffer who has told many a story around the campfire.


More recently, Bob has been the volunteer museum commissioner for several summers.

Mike Mieszczak fell in love with Owasippe the day he arrived there at the age of 13. He later went on to work several summers on staff, which he counts as some of the greatest experiences of his life. Fiercely protective of Owasippe, Mike joined the musuem volunteers to help preserve the camp’s rich history and traditions so that scouts can experience them for years to come.

He works in Information Technology and enjoys writing and playing blues and punk rock on his guitar. He is married and has a daughter in Girl Scouts and a son in Cub Scouts.

Javier “Javi” Montano is an Eagle Scout, Arrowman, and former Owasippe Staffman. 


Outside of Scouting Javier serves his City as a Community Service Officer with the Berwyn Police Department.


“Just as the hills where Chief Owasippe sat waiting for his sons are now shifted beyond recognition, memories will fade one day as well. It is a communal obligation to preserve the history and future for our children and grandchildren of this camp we call home. My hope is that 50 years from now when Scouts ask, ‘I wonder what camp was like in 2020’ that our Owasippe Museum will be able to accurately tell them and will serve as an aid.” - Javi 

Mike P2.jpg

Mike Pavlik is an Eagle Scout from Troop 694, currently on Troop 619's committee and is the troop's Religious Medal coordinator. He is also a merit badge counselor for Scouting Heritage, being dedicated to all the things we know and love about Owasippe and Scouting.


He is a UIC alumni who teaches Anthropology/Archaeology and is also a merit badge counselor for the Archaeology, American Cultures, and Native American cultures badges.  

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